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RHC Shipping Information

Free Shipping On Most Orders of $98* Or More (Within The 48 Contiguous United States)

Who doesn't like free shipping?  We know all too well that even when you find your item at a great price that sometimes the shipping makes it no longer worth it. We here at RHC try our best to offer free shipping on most orders of $98* or more. Orders using this option will ship at the most cost-effective rate which in most cases is USPS Parcel Select and may take up to 10 days for delivery. Changing your shipping address, shipping method or combining orders may affect your carts free shipping eligibility. Be sure to click the free shipping option to take advantage of this great offer. If you have any questions concerning this offer please call 1-810-620-2509 or email sales [at] rhcrc [dot] com.

*Items ineligible for the free offer include:

    • Oversize
    • Hazardous 

What shipping carriers and methods does Recreation Hobbies Center use?

  • UPS Ground
  • UPS 3 Day Select
  • USPS First Class
  • USPS Priority Mail
  • USPS 2 Day Mail
  • DHL eCommerce (Delivered by USPS)
  • UPS Standard (Canada)
  • DHL Worldwide (Delivery Outside of North America)

How long does it take to process an order?

An order is usually processed within 24 hours, unless it is an international order. Anything ordered other than some items from Redcat Racing will be on hand and packaged. We do our best to fulfill all Redcat Racing orders in-house, however, there are times when we do not have all items on hand. In the event that we do not have all items on hand, your order will be placed with Redcat Racing and the items will be shipped directly from them to you. When we must place the order with Redcat Racing the order is usually fulfilled by them the next business day. However there are exceptions to this, Redcat Racing allows up to 1 week to process and fulfill an order but by the 3rd day we usually give them a call to get the order fulfilled. When close to the holiday shipping season please allow for the extra time.

How do I get my tracking number?

As long as a good email address or phone number is used at the time of checkout, you will receive a notification that your items have been fulfilled and a tracking number will be provided on the order status page.

    Canada UPS Shipments

    When Recreation Hobbies Center ships orders via UPS to countries other than the United States, UPS will charge certain fees.  These fees will be billed to the customer receiving the items. 

    Here is a LINK to the Canada UPS page which shows some of the fees.  There will also be GST (Goods and Services Tax) in addition to these UPS brokerage and customs fees.  

    Customers are responsible for those fees and not Recreation Hobbies Center.  If a package delivery is refused, the fees acquired by Recreation Hobbies Center to return the order will be subtracted from the refund.

    International Shipments

    International orders are on a quote basis and can take up to 7 days to ship from the time of ordering. Please use our international order quote form to begin your order and we will reply back within 24 hours with a draft order that includes the cost of shipping to the specified delivery location. The buyer is responsible for duties, fees, tariffs or taxes that may be applied to the order and are not included in the cost. If you wish to pay for your own shipping, we can provide to you the dimensions and weight of the package so that you may use your own provider.

    Damaged Package Claims

    If you have received your order, and your package was damaged in transit, please contact us immediately (within 48 hours of receipt of your package). Customers with damaged packages can file a claim directly with us. Please complete our Damaged Claim Form and mail/ email it to us for review. Please keep all packaging (box, packing paper, etc.) for verification purposes. We will most likely request that the damaged product(s) be shipped back to us for verification. Recreation Hobbies Center may also require that photos be taken of damaged packages and or parts for inspection purposes. Photos of damaged goods will help us expedite the process and provide a better resolution. 

    Lost Package Claims

    If you have not received your order, and feel your package may be lost, please contact us. If you purchased Route Shipping Insurance, you will get an email from Route at the time of your purchase with instructions on how to file a claim.

    If you did not purchase Route Shipping Insurance then before we can file a claim for a lost package, we must allow the U.S. Postal Service the full time allotted for delivery. Here is the timetable for tracing lost packages:

    USPS Express Mail - 10 business days from the day the order was shipped

    USPS Priority Mail - 14 business days from the day the order was shipped

    USPS First Class Mail - 21 business days from the day the order was shipped 

    • If your package was not delivered within the time frames listed above, please complete a Damage / Lost Package Claim Form
    • Please allow us 2-8 business days to contact the shipping carrier regarding your missing package. 

    NOTE: The USPS allows for a significant amount of time to track a lost package

    Shipping Errors

    RHC makes every effort to ship to valid shipping addresses. While we do our best on this, it is up to the customer to verify their shipping address at the time of checkout and before completion of the order. If you made an error in your shipping address please contact us immediately. RHC will not be held responsible or issue credit for packages shipped to invalid addresses entered incorrectly by the customer.

    Lithium Batteries or Devices with Lithium Batteries

    All Shipments: Special labeling requirements are needed for transportation, to safely transport your Lithium products. Certain large lithium batteries always require Hazmat handling and shipping via UPS. If you would like to know more about UPS and the precaution taken when transporting lithium batteries, please refer to the UPS guidelines. 

    Nitro Fuel

    Nitro Fuel is classified as a "flammable" liquid. In limited quantities, Recreation Hobbies Center can transport flammable liquid under ORM-D (Other Regulated Materials for Domestic transport). Shipping under ORM-D will subject the product to ship by UPS Ground only. For larger size quantities (Example: case quantities) fuel has to be transported under HAZMAT. This means that the amount of fuel being transported is considered to be hazardous and will be subject to shipping by Ground services, including a HAZMAT fee for the special transportation. Fuel cannot ship outside of the US. 

    The US Postal Service does not transport Fuel and will not show up as a delivery option during checkout.


    Ground-Only Items

    Some of the products that Recreation Hobbies Center carries must be transported under ORM-D (Other Regulated Materials for Domestic transport). Shipping under ORM-D will subject the product to ship by UPS Ground, and cannot be shipped outside of the US. Such products include:

    • Oil
    • Non-Water Based Paint and Paint Thinner
    • Aerosol Type Products
    • Traction Compounds
    • Glue / Adhesive / Accelerators / Debonder / Putty
    • Tire and Body Cleaners

    The US Postal Service does not transport ORM-D items, and will not show up as a delivery option during checkout.